af·fla·tus | a divine creative impulse or inspiration

For me, the arts play a central role in the world of individual and community transformation. I believe it is a sacred thing to be an artist, which fuels my desire to investigate my personal mythology through a deep-rooted connection to observation and imagination. I view artistic expression as an opening to relate to the mystery within ourselves and the forces that move through and around us, a collaboration between imagination, intellect, soul, spirit, nature and the numinous.

My work is a creative navigation of dualities, an exploration of the tensions between Matter and Mind, Logos and Eros, Yin and Yang. A mythopoetic field where thematic storylines of ephemeral beauty, melancholia, illumination and transformation merge, to create a visual and literary understanding of our complex world. From this realm of shared presence, reality trespasses into dreams, with a unique mix of antique and modern, resonating metaphors of subtle evocation. Formative sources of inspiration include, William Blake, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Edward O. Wilson, Anselm Kiefer, Mark Rothko, Susan Sontag, Mary Oliver, Rumi, and Chögyam Trungpa. Each in their own way opened my eyes to the invisible.

I studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute, hold Bachelor Degrees in Education and the Arts, a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology & Art Therapy from Naropa University, and credentials in Authentic Leadership and Contemplative Body Awareness Practices. In past and present incarnations I have lived/live between the stars and sea, have worked/work as an Artist, Educator, Therapist, Writer, Programs Director and Creative Consultant within the fields of Cultural & Holistic Education, Academia and Health and Healing. Contributing free time to environmental protection, animal welfare, and humanist causes. My personal engagement in creative process is ongoing, and I exhibit both nationally and internationally. I continue to explore opportunities to awaken the heart and mind, move the soul, be inspired, and shift paradigms.

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